Announcing Xenonanite Titan!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Welcome to my new website for all things relating to books coming in the near future. My first creation Xenonanite Titan is still in progress and I cant wait to bring the first part of my series to life. The book is nearly complete but there are still a lot of steps left to do. I'm hoping for a fall kickstarter if possible, pending proofreading and final adjustments to the layout of the book. As of now I'm planning a three part series with more possible depending on demand. It is my goal to share my stories with the world and bring a smile to your face. I want you to be transported to another world and feel the story as it unfolds. Thanks for your support in this endeavor and I cant wait to see what you think!

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Good afternoon everyone, I hope this post finds you well amid the pandemic and natural disasters that have affected our communities. I’m pleased to let you know that book 1 of Xenonanite Titan is near