The Titan’s rising

Good afternoon everyone, I hope this post finds you well amid the pandemic and natural disasters that have affected our communities.

I’m pleased to let you know that book 1 of Xenonanite Titan is nearly complete! In a few short weeks it will be off to the editor and awaiting final edits. I’m also pleased to announce the arrival of the 8th art piece by CB Zane, which turned out amazing!!!

I’m making headway finally after 10 years and words cannot express the deepest level of joy I‘m experiencing at this time. As his origin story comes to a close, I look forward to starting book 2 and jumping right into the action. I also want to thank you guys for your support, this has been a long journey of mine and without you I would never have gotten this far today. I can’t wait for you to read his story and tell me what you think!

Stay safe, love more, and keep supporting. Much love,


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