We’re getting closer!!!

Good morning everyone, I hope your Weekend is going well! I’m still waiting on a few pieces of art to make their way here and to get the final copy back from the editor to make changes. I’ve ran into a wall financially for the time being, but I did find out I’m cancer free. I’m dealing with another set of issues that has been found, but I won’t let that slow me down!

He’s coming soon! Once I get back on my feet and I can finish paying for the editing, I will start making the changes and get an exact date ironed out! I’m still shooting for November, but it might happen sooner if I’m able to sell a few books from my collection. I’m super excited for everyone to read my story and I can’t wait to get it to you! I like to stay upfront with everyone with what’s going on and keep you in the loop. I’m sorry for not posting as much lately with there being so much going on, but I can assure you my comeback will be stronger!

Thanks for being so awesome and being a part of this project, I’m grateful for each and every one of you!

Much love,


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