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Funded in 11 hours on Kickstarter and blowing up the Indie circuit comes my first book in the Xenonanite Titan trilogy. I’ll be fulfilling pledges over the next few months, but once that is done you can score a copy here from my online store! Want to get updates on when they’re available, subscribe now and you won’t miss out on this incredible tale sure to leave you craving more! All items in the shop are priced with tax and shipping included, what you see is what you’ll pay at checkout!


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Russxplode Studios: Books With Heart is proud to announce that I’m an official member of CB4K.org! Now offering a line of official CB4K apparel to help spread the word about the organization and raise funds for the kids. Be a walking billboard and let more people know about this awesome organization, while helping raise funds for them to send books to the ever growing number of hospitals across the nation. Profits from all CB4K branded merchandise will go directly to the organization to bring happiness and strength to more children in need. 
        Want to donate art for future apparel or to auction off for CB4K? Send me a message and I’d be happy to chat with you about it! You can message me here or on my Facebook page. 

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Who am I?

Russell Allen

I am a husband and a father of 2 that started writing several years ago. With the birth of our first child, born with multiple heart defects, I set aside my books hoping to be able to return to them once again when the time was right. Several things have happened since then getting in the way of my return to writing. After being diagnosed with a tumor January of 2020 and finding out it may be cancerous I began to have regrets. My biggest regret was letting the bad things in my life stand in the way of finishing my story. So here I am finishing the project I set out to do and share it with the world! Thanks for being a part of this, I hope to be able to bring much more down the road!


What Inspires Me

         There are several inspirations in my writing, from books I've read, to the movies and video games I've played throughout my life. One of my favorite authors growing up is Brian Jaques. His Redwall series transported me to another world, and allowed me to feel like I was there. His ability to tell a story without having to reel you in with a huge hook. The stories pull you in by making you feel like you're the character and every chapter keeps you reeling for more, to the point that you can't put down the book no matter how late it gets. I love the story arcs of video games like Doom, Xenogears, Uncharted, and Wolfenstein. The ability to transport you to other lands and have a great backstory, instead of trying to hook you with fun gameplay. To me the story has to have a lot of heart in it to be able to fully invest my attention into it. I also love the imagination and talent put into animes. A few of my favorites include Van Helsing, Full metal Alchemist, Outlaw Star, and Death Note. All of these stories not only have twists and turns, but they really make you sit back and think about the choices you make in life and the consequences that come from those choices.


My Goals

My goal is to write a story that not only transports you to another world, but also pulls at your heart. There will be love, loss, twists, turns, and surprises. I want you to feel what my character feels and be able to empathize with them. I'm not looking to make a huge profit, but to more or less break even. What I do make off of the books will be used to put up for future heart surgeries for my son, as well as donating to programs that help kids who go into the hospital be able to cope, and that may never get to go home.


Xenonanite Titan

Fully Funded on Kickstarter March 2021

Check out the latest work from Russxplode Studios: Books With Heart. Xenonanite Titan is a Science Fiction novel that contains a comic book feel. There's love, loss, twists and turns, and the birth of a savior spanning the reaches of space. What happened to Raziel Stevens to turn him into the man you see? Find out in book one coming soon to the store!


Book Illustrations

Art by Stef Wilson, Wendy Steen Shaner, Chris McJunkin, Ed Williams, David Faught, Jason Seaux, and Finn Edwards "Finny the Great"

Stef Wilson
Wendy Steen Shaner
Chris McJunkin
Chris McJunkin
Finn Edwards
Ed Williams
David Faught
Jason Seaux
Jason Seaux

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" My goal is not to get rich off of writing, but to bring joy and spark a fire within the hearts of my readers"

Russell Allen